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We have included many pictures from the field, some of the photos above obviously reflect major defects that our clients faced in there home purchase.

Dont be caught in a home purchase without knowing the facts of the homes condition. Its much easier to make your purchase when your informed. Any good decision you make in life is or was obtained through knowledge.

When you have a home properly inspected you will be afforded the information it takes to make an educated decision.


Many times the seller forgets or intentionally fails to disclose Key Information that should have in order to know what defects and potential costs you may face after purchasing what should be your dream.


Once you hire a professional home inspection company follow through with the valuable information. Don’t rely on the realtor, the inspector, or the seller to do your work.

You need to take the information and often further evaluate the issues noted with other top professionals to obtain prices of the repairs. No what you face cost wise prior to the cost occurring.


Often people hire inferrior skilled trades or attempt key repairs themselves without having the proper experience or knowledge to perform these repairs.

We refer to this as the Bob Villa Syndrom. People will watch a show and think i can do that, when in fact they do not have enough information, proper skills, or tools to perform the repair.

Make sure you dont inherit someone else’s problems when you purchase their home with inferior repairs and workmanship.

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